“I have to say that my stay at The Grand Pavilion was exceptional. Every department, nursing aides, physical therapy, food, and more, were wonderful. There was a member of the maintenance team that I call my Guardian Angel. When I first arrived on the third floor I was beside myself. This gentleman, Denver, talked to me until I could relax. All my questions were answered promptly and in layman’s terms that I could understand. I was treated with the highest respect no matter what the situation. I give The Grand Pavilion my highest regards.” – Linda S.

“My mom has been at The Grand Pavilion since October 2019. My family and I have only good things to say about the care that she has received from the nurses, aides, physical therapy staff, and occupational therapy staff. I have reached out to both Davids, Maureen, Kathy and her social workers, and Aliesha and they all have shown me every courtesy and have handled every situation I have confronted them with. Jon and his staff have gone above and beyond to assist us. We are so thankful for finding The Grand Pavilion, and for all the wonderful people who are taking such good care of our mom. A great big thank you to all!” – Linda G.

“Hello David,

I wanted to send a quick note to thank you and your team that lead the weekly calls!  These calls are very reassuring and help to keep all of us at home a bit calmer.  My sisters and I are extremely grateful for the great care that you and all of your staff are providing, and for keeping our dad healthy and happy!

John who sets up the FaceTime calls has been great and I feel a special shout-out should be given to Aliesha Johashen, the Director of Dietary, who every week communicates with me to make sure that I can continue to make menu selections for my dad, which is extremely important!  Additionally, we are grateful for the continued physical and occupational therapy that Dad is receiving.  It not only keeps him healthy, but it is great for him to have ‘visitors’ to break up his day.

We have sent a little something to your attention, as I did not have the full names of all of the people behind the scenes other than you and Tammy.  Hoping this gift helps to soften your day a bit and reminds you just how grateful that we are!” 

With gratitude,

Rosemary O.

“The food was better than expected. The staff was very supportive and helpful. Therapy was amazing, and I enjoyed spending time out on the patio in a very clean community!” – Roger K.

“My care here is great. My room is kept nice and I have an amazing roommate. Although I would love to be home, if I have to be anywhere other than home, it is here at The Grand Pavilion!” – Florence E.

“The Nurses here at The Grand Pavilion are great, trustworthy, and provide excellent care.” – Denver H.

“Working in The Grand Pavilion is a great learning experience. I have the privilege of interacting with so many different types of people. Everyone here is so kind and nice”- Jonathan D.

“The staff at The Grand Pavilion is wonderful! Everybody is very careful with the care of my husband, Fred. Everyone is very professional. I am very happy that we chose this place for rehab.” – Hilde H.

“I find that in this community the staff are very responsive to their patients, and the PT and OT staff are fantastic.” – Gail B.

“The Therapy team here is excellent; they work very hard and are patient with me.” – S. Finkelstein

“I have been cared for very well by the nurses, the aides and my physical therapist has been very thorough and exceptional.” – Rodger N.

“The Grand Pavilion is a very nice place to send your friends and loved ones as everyone is very pleasant and nice. I am a Dietary Aid and I love tending to the resident dietary needs.” – A. Julin

“Loraine and Daisy are caring, professional employees who have gone beyond my expectations. I am so glad they are there to care for my mother & the others at the Grand Pavilion.” – Jane H.

“My physical and occupational therapists are phenomenal as well as the rest of the crew here. I have come a long way since I got here, and I am looking to go home very soon.” – Elijah C.

“Mark, everyone is so wonderful. I am so thankful for what everyone has done for me here.” – Ms. Saunders

“Come to The Grand Pavilion, a place where healing and care is the priority not an option.” – Luis A.

“I am very happy with the services I am receiving here. All of the nurses are so nice; I really believe that due to the amazing rehab team, I will be going home earlier then expected!”– R. Soto

“My husband and I are 96 years old and 90 years old, respectfully, and within our lifetime we have been to many rehab centers. This is the only one that I have ever wanted and looked forward to coming back again. This is the second time coming to The Grand Pavilion for me, and the third time for my husband, so that in itself tells you how satisfied we are with The Grand Pavilion. Mark, the Director of Concierge Services, has been wonderful. Whenever I have had a matter that needed assistance or solved, I always knew I had Mark on my side to get it solved!” – Anita U.

“The Grand Pavilion is a very good place to be!” – Frank Reilly

“I am having a very happy stay here and the nurses have been very kind. There is a very nice young man by the name of Mark (Director of Concierge Services) that comes in to visit me even though he doesn’t have to, and he has a lovely little baby boy!”- Margaret R.

“I have to tell you, Mark, the Urban Zen essential oils and relaxation really works! Any time I am nauseous I smell the oils and it really helps.” – Laura P.

“Living here has been a pleasure. The staff are always accommodating and provide assistance when I need it. My therapy team I work with every week has encouraged me to put my best foot forward and not get discouraged so easily. I’m making great progress and I’m glad I selected this place to help me with my growth.” – Mary B.

“Living in Rockville Centre for as long as I have, I am proud to be a part of The Grand Pavilion team. I enjoy providing my services in recreation therapy and love what our staff provides for not only our residents, but the support for each other.” – Maggie

“Being a part of such a great community for 10 years is an honor. I’ve watched over time the company grow together and overall we are a fantastic team that enjoys one another and working together to benefit our patients. We all are striving for the same goal and it’s nice to see everyone on the same page.” – Christina D., MDS

“At The Grand Pavilion, people are something to [rave] about. When I have something I need, someone is there, and it’s not always my nurse. If I hit the call bell and someone is walking by, no matter who it is, they make sure to ask me if I need something. If they can’t help, they’ll find someone who can, and to me, that shows how dedicated each staff member is.” – Renee B.

“The rehab is phenomenal. I was able to get back on my feet again and was able to return to the assisted living I was once at. The staff is so nice and determined to get their patients better and it shows every day.” – Catherine M.

“Staying at The Grand Pavilion for as long as I have has been an amazing experience. I started here as a short term patient and am converting to long term shortly. I don’t mind staying here; it’s a place you want to be. The people are caring and you feel it. The rehab is great and they always offer something to keep you busy.” – Lila S.

“Working at The Grand Pavilion is most rewarding. The upbeat people I’m surrounded by keeps me going and I love to make people happy. A simple smile from a patient who appreciates me makes my day.” – Chris, LPN

“I’ve been here for a year and in that year I have been touched in so many ways. Everyone works as a team and supports one another, which isn’t always easy to find. The staff is compassionate towards what they do and the patients are appreciative with the support system we provide for them. I’ve established so many relationships with patients and staff and am so thankful.” – CiCi, recreation

“The recreation team is awesome; they always play great movies and keep me entertained, there’s never nothing to do.” – Glenn Y.

“The nurses here are always available to help me when I’m in need. My therapists really push me to strive for growth and send me back to the same if not better level of functioning; the environment as a whole is upbeat and makes you want to succeed.” – Robert B.

“Everyone is so attentive, friendly, and genuine.” – Rose D.

“My first thoughts of coming to a rehabilitation center were not positive, however, now that I’m here I’m happy with my decision. The staff are hard working individuals who you can tell are passionate about their work.” – Catherine M.

“I’ve been to other nursing homes and your place beats them all. Some of the staff I would adopt as my own and they have cared for me in a way I will always remember.” – Joel S.

“The therapy was exceptional. The therapists, especially Lynn, were nothing but caring, supportive and attentive. They pushed me when I didn’t want to push myself, and I can’t thank them enough for that. The staff overall are all so genuine and the nursing was outstanding. All of my needs were taken care of and I feel it helped me get to the level I’m at today because of it.”

“Everyone is so friendly and upbeat. If I have any sort of problem, as soon as I make my needs known it’s taken care of.” – Louise S.

“Being a part of The Grand Pavilion staff has influenced me positively as a person. Not only do I see how well we work as a team, but everyone is always willing to help one another. Many hands make light work and when people display good communication and support everything runs smoothly.”
– Courtney Coudrey LPN, Admissions Coordinator, Director of Concierge, MDS

“I love participating in the recreation therapy that they offer. From karaoke, to art therapy, to great movies and my favorite, a great game of chess, it really just brightens my day.” – Nick P.

“From when I stepped in the building and met with Courtney and Tammy, to the nurses on my unit and the great therapy that’s provided, the team is wonderful. You can tell when people are compassionate about their work and that they care.” – Robert B.

“At first I didn’t want to be away from my wife and the life I knew, but after being here for a short time it’s not too bad and the staff is always friendly.” -Steven H.

“The nurses and staff here are always attentive and cater to my needs. When I first arrived, I was in a lot of pain and didn’t enjoy being here. After the pain subsided and I was comfortable, I realized it was a happy place for me to get better with people that also are here to get better. I’m happy I chose this place over any other.” – Thomas R.

“I’ve been here once before, and the renovations are beautiful. The staff have always been loving and so nurturing.” -Linda V.

“The staff and other patients at The Grand Pavilion are my family. I’ve made so many new friends while being here and I look forward to getting up and starting my day with such great people. The physical therapy team has done wonders and I see myself progressing.” – Wilhelmenia A.

“The Grand Pavilion was a blessing for me. I was very sick when I came from the hospital and they pushed me to get better. I would tell anyone to go there.” – Patricia O.

“Working at The Grand Pavilion for so long, I’ve seen a lot of success stories. Without the great staff, and our amazing ability to work as a team, it wouldn’t be possible. I’m proud to come to work every day and look forward to many more patients going home satisfied.” – Sue H., RN

“Lately, my life has been full of darkness; the staff at The Grand Pavilion has been the light and has given me hope to get well again.” – Joel S.

“It’s a beautiful place with beautiful people, thanks for all that you do.” – Nina A.

“All the employees at The Grand Pavilion are professional, friendly, and caring. I enjoyed my stay here and am looking forward to heading home and getting back to my old routine.” – Ronald L.

“The Grand Pavilion has helped me in so many ways. All the staff are all such special angels, especially the nurses and physical therapists who are very knowledgeable and always helpful.” – Shelby H.

“The Grand Pavilion has given me a second chance at living my life to the fullest, and I can’t be more grateful.” – Pinkie S

“Working at The Grand Pavilion I no longer feel like an employee; the people here, staff and residents, make it more like a family or a home away from home.”- Barbara, RN

“The Grand Pavilion is a clean, therapeutic environment and operates a well trained facility for skilled nursing and rehabilitation. We had an excellent experience and I’m very happy.” -Lila S.

“I love the staff on the first floor, they are always so wonderful and comforting when my anxiety acts up. The music programs that Jodi has are always a blast to attend as well.” – Pearl L.

“The staff were very pleasant. The atmosphere was comforting and I haven’t had any problems.” – Linda L.

“Being a new resident, I was skeptical of being in a nursing home; however, over the course of my stay, the staff and other patients have been nothing but concerned about me and that makes me happy.” – Edward B.

“I have no complaints, the staffs are all so nice and I was comfortable throughout my whole stay.” – Alicia H.

“I’ve never been to a facility where all the staff makes their residents happy; it warms my heart.” – Ethelyn W.

“The Grand Pavilion is a clean, luxurious place with good workers.”- Barbara T.

“I don’t have a favorite employee who has made me feel comfortable, they all do.”- Rubin G.

“The staff is very nice, and they are always helping me with things I need help with.” – Leonor, V.

“The recreation department is a very endearing department to be a part of.” – K. Gutierrez

“I love working here, seeing smiling faces every morning, and being with the residents. It makes me happy to keep them company and help their families.” – A. Algarra

“I’ve been here for a number of years and to watch different patients improve and become independent. It’s very rewarding working here in general.”- BiBi, LPN

“I like living here, it’s very homey and I love the colors, too.” Anna D.

“I enjoy the people that work here, and how much everyone cares for me.”- Patrick G.

“I like all the people here, you helped me when I was very nervous about the rehab. You also came and visited me to make sure I was doing well the entire time so far.” – Josephine L.

“The staff at The Grand Pavilion are always willing to answer any questions I may have and are very sweet, especially the people who care for me. My favorite thing about living here is that they always keep me busy and there is plenty to do.” – Viola N.

“The Grand Pavilion is a very nice place to be. The staff and other patients are friendly and recreation always plays good music; I love my music.” – Christina F.

“I really enjoy the solarium on the first floor. Yesterday was my birthday, my cake was delicious and all of my family came. It was a very nice way to celebrate my special day.” – Lewis, R.

“I enjoy living here. Everyone is really nice and always willing to help me if I need it. I don’t have any complaints.” –Xiques, M.

“I’ve been in another rehab once before, and I’m enjoying my stay more here than I did there. The staff is very nice and the food is surprisingly good. I would recommend coming here for rehab.”- Peterson, H.

“Watching the new residents come in sick and leave better warms my heart. I know I’m doing my job well when they leave with a “thank you” and a smile.” –Bibi, CNA

“…Very good service, and excellent food.” – R. Zimet

“The rehab is excellent.” – L. Stern

“I am very pleased with everything.” – C. Ferruzza

“Most of them go above and beyond. Rehab is great as well as the girls in rehab are great – that I will give you a 10. No complaints.” – F. Bulger

“I enjoy all the recreational activities brought on by Jodi. There is none to compare and I have been to other places.” – B. Bates

“Everyone has been very nice and helpful. I cannot complain – it’s very well ran.” – A. Faithfull

“I wouldn’t be here today if not for the good care I had from the rehab department.” -L. Vanek

“There is nothing better than the feeling of making the residents happy.” – Steven, Recreation

“It’s a nice place; the staff are nice and the people are nice. The environment is good and it’s helpful.”
– C. Hoyte

“The rehab is great! There’s nothing I can complain about; they treat me very good and they really help me out.” – E. Argento

“Rehab is doing a great job, they are working me pretty hard, it’s working and I am feeling my strength come back and feeling certain for myself.” -J. Cascella

“The staff: they’re all nice.” – C. Ferruzza

“Everybody goes above and beyond. The care is excellent -100%. I would come back and I recommend this place. It’s a very clean facility; I rate it 100%.” – A. Fermin

“The Grand Pavilion is awesome! The people are very good at what they do. They have helped me get stronger, so that I can get ready for the rest of my life.” – G. VanBuren

“Because of The Grand Pavilion, I am getting back to the girl I was.” -L. Stern

“Physical Therapy is beyond terrific: the attention, thoroughness and professionalism.” – C. Claire

“Physical Therapy is wonderful and the recreation is fun.” – C. Dougherty

“I like it [here]… nice, clean and friendly.” -S. Peterson

“The nurses here are all good; it’s beautiful.” – A. Oteiza

“Everyone here makes me happy.”- M. Metzger

“What’s not to like? They are very attentive, nothing to really complain about, rehab is fabulous.”
– Y. Amato

“Physical Therapy is wonderful and the recreation is fun.” – C. Dougherty

“I’ve been here before during the summer and I’m very pleased to see the improvements here. Everyone here truly cares about my wellbeing.” – D. Campbell

“This place is home to me! I enjoy all the great entertainment and so many nice services from Saint Agnes that I’ve seen them for the past ten years here. I’m very glad to be surrounded by people that care about my health and happiness.” – L. Colosimo

“I really enjoy the music. You guys really get me bumped to dance and just feel energize for the whole day.” – V. Husser

“Even though I’m going home today, I would like to say that this place made me feel like I was home. I got to enlighten the residents and nursing staff and gave encouragement throughout the day. I’m really going to miss this place, you guys truly made me stronger physically and mentally.” – E. Fuchs

“Every day I come into work I look forward to seeing the residents and putting a smile on their faces.”
-Steven, recreation

“I’m perfectly happy here!”
-M. Metzger

“I’m happy with my improvements this week. Physical therapy has been doing an amazing job and got me dancing this week during recreation.”
-L. Stern

“There’s no better place than the Grand Pavilion that has exciting activities and lots of fun entertainment.”
– B. Bates

“I enjoy teaching the residents new things, such as trivia questions to awaken their minds.”
– Monika (recreation staff)

“Joan Leslie, CNA, is kind, caring and helpful. She comes into the room with a hello-smile and always looks very well. She’s a pleasure to be around and a good worker. She is a like able person.”
-B. Daniespence

“Joyce and the rest of the first floor cna’s are the best. They gave me all the help that I need to get me better. I can`t thank them enough. Thank you for all of your love and care.”
-N. Skoglund

“Mabel Narine, CNA, was always helpful, kind and courteous at all times. She always checked on me to see if I was ok or needed anything. She also always made sure that I got my ice pitcher, which is important especially now that the heat keeps rising!”
-D. Levine

“Bibi is the top of the morning nurse. From the time that she shows up for work she is a professional from start to finish. She knows when to add laughter and humor in the situation. She is a 5-star nurse to me!”

“I call rehab my work and the nurses my home. Grand Pavilion has definitely become a part of who I am.”
-A. Walter

“The newly renovated rooms make me feel that I am staying at a hotel, I love my flat screen television and free wifi.”
– S. Shapiro

“Neelam (1 West/ Evening LPN) is always a ray of sunshine, she is truly wonderful. No matter what I ask her to do, it is always done with a big smile on her face. She always makes sure I get my meds on time. All in all she has made my stay here more enjoyable.”
-A. Umansky

“…As President of [The Grand Pavilion’s] Resident Council, I can say with confidence that The Grand Pavilion is the home to place your loved one, knowing that he or she is safe.”
– Ernie Conner, Resident, 2 Yrs

“For the last eight years, I’ve been very happy and comfortable here. The staff here is very nice. If I can’t be home, [The Grand Pavilion] is the next best thing.”
– Marian Muldoon, Resident, 8 Yrs

“Nowhere will you find people as friendly and personable as the staff of The Grand Pavilion. They make you feel right at home.”
– Beverly Bates

“The people at the Grand Pavilion are the best. The nurses and aides do all they can to help you, and the staff of recreation are fantastic. We are very lucky to live in a place such as this.”
– Margaret Metzger

“As being a long time Hospital Administrator, I now know what it is to be on the other side of the bed. Ms. Young, RN, makes it a lot easier for the patients. Her professionalism and her bedside manner is impeccable.”
– Scott Ostrich LCSWR, CASAC

“I had fun wearing our favorite team’s t-shirts and I participated in the olympic sports. It was very nice to have a resident art project to share with everyone who comes in here. Mr. Softee was a wonderful treat. The carnival was an absolute blast. I enjoyed helping Margaret sell the goodies to raise money for a cause. I felt like I was really a part of the community.”
– S. Shapiro, resident

“It was a very nice gesture to treat the staff the way they did for Nursing Home Week. All of the goodies and giveaways that they rewarded us with was very much appreciated.They really catered to what we like and what we enjoy and that`s personal, you know that they are listening and that we are all making a difference.”
-Bibi A., CNA