Case Study: The Grand Pavilion (September 2014)

Case Study
Community Name: The Grand Pavilion
Patient’s Age: 90
Discharged To: Still presently at GP
Length of Stay:
Reason for Stay: Syncope & Collapse/Hospitalized from a fall coming from another SNF
How did this patient hear about The Grand Pavilion?
He was previously next door, at a competitor facility: Rockville Skilled Nursing & Rehab

Details of Experience:
Patient came to GP after a bad fall he had while he was in another skilled nursing facility. Son came in and toured GP and decided to come to us instead of going back next door, location was his biggest factor. When the Pt. arrived at GP, he required total care. He was non verbal and bed bound. He required 2 emergent hospitalizations.

During his stay here, his condition has improved. He is now speaking and up from bed. He receives very good care from all of the disciplines and his son comes in everyday to also be a part of the community that his father belongs to now. Pt. and family decided to stay at the Grand Pavilion for Long Term Care.