Case Study: The Grand Pavilion for Rehabilitation & Nursing (August 2016)

Patients Age: 88
Admission Date: 8/22/16
Admitted From: Mercy Medical Center
Discharge Date:8/22/16
Discharged To: Lynnbrook Assisted Living
Length of Stay:
Reason for Stay: Slip and fall at home
How did this patient hear about the Grand Pavilion? Community/ family took a tour of nearby facilities

Details of Experience:

Miss Villars is an 88 year old Spanish speaking woman who prior to admission was residing in a private home in West Hempstead with her daughter. She enjoyed keeping to herself, gardening, attending our provided church services, and we can’t forget about the love she had for her game shows.

She was admitted from Mercy Medical Center on July 6th 2016, with a primary diagnosis of a slip and fall at home, in addition to unspecified atrial fibrillation. Upon admission she presented with decreased muscle strength, deficits in dynamic balance, and she required assistance with her daily functions of everyday living. The patient’s family stated during a tour of our community that they believed this would be a possible transition to long term due to the inability to live safely on her own.

Miss Villars had received intensive physical therapy and occupational therapy to maximize independence, increase her strength and improve her balance. It has been hard work but her persistence has taken her a long way and she stated (translated) “She feels very accomplished.” When asked what she thought about her stay here at The Grand Pavilion she replied (translated) “The staff is very nice, and they are always helping me with things I need help with.”

Over the course of Miss Villars’s stay here at The Grand Pavilion, she has shown great improvements. The physical therapy team combined with the nursing staff and every discipline has made it possible for her to require less assistance than her prior hospitalization, and even admission into our community. Miss Villars’s was so successful in her journey that she was discharged to an assisted living facility in Lynbrook. At The Grand Pavilion we look forward to our residents gaining their independence back and we’re overjoyed that Miss Villars’s had the ambition to do so. We would like to wish her nothing but good health and it has been a pleasure to have her here as a part of our family.