Case Study: The Grand Pavilion for Rehabilitation & Nursing (October 2017)

Patients Age: 83
Admission Date: 8/28/17
Discharge To: Grace Plaza Nursing and Rehab Center
Discharge Date: 11/8/2017
Length of Stay: 70 Days
Reason for Stay: Muscle weakness, unspecified fall, sepsis, anemia and gastric ulcer.
How did patient hear about the Grand Pavilion?: The patient’s son visited the community for a tour and was greeted by the Director of Admissions, Tamatha Purins. He was impressed by the first impression of the community and selected The Grand Pavilion community for his mother’s rehabilitation!

Details of Experience:

Ms. Jean Fochetta was admitted to The Grand Pavilion from The Grace Plaza Nursing and Rehab Center on August 28th 2017. Ms. Fochetta was hospitalized due to muscle weakness post a recent fall. Once admitted to the hospital, she was noted to also have a gastric ulcer, causing sepsis. Upon arrival to the Grand Pavilion, Ms. Fochetta and her family were greeted by both the Nursing Team and our Concierge, Mark, while also meeting with our Rehab Team, Dietician and Social Worker. The whole team were excited to get to know Ms. Fochetta. Jean was an outgoing and extremely friendly patient. After her recent fall and septic infection, Jean struggled with the loss of her independence; however, continued to remain optimistic that she would recover and return home!

Ms. Fochetta presented with impaired abilities to independently complete functional transfers, activities of daily living and even walk without assistance from others. Jean required multiple rest breaks when participating in therapy sessions as she was also noted to have impaired functional activity tolerance and endurance. Initially, Jean was only able to ambulate 5ft with maximum assistance from a therapist, with the use of a rolling walker. She required max assistance in order to transfer from one surface to another. This was a difficult obstacle for Jean as she was independent prior to her recent hospitalization. Jean also required assistance to maintain upright standing as her balance had greatly declined. The goals of both physical and occupational therapy were to enhance her functional independence, increase her ability to participate in and tolerate activities for an extended period of time as well as reduce the level of assistance required to ambulate.

Jean always had a smile on her face and a good word to share. She was known by all team members as someone who would always lend a listening ear. Our Concierge, Mark, developed a close professional relationship with Jean; she would genuinely always ask about Mark’s son and family. Jean would participate in all recreational activities as well as Wednesday Catholic services, she particularly loved the Thursday concerts!

Mr. Fochetta made continued progress during her time spent in skilled rehabilitation sessions. Jean initially required max assistance of one person in order to transfer from one surface to another. She was only able to ambulate five feet with maximum assistance from her physical therapist. Jean participated in therapeutic graded exercises, bicep and tricep curls, exercises with gymnastic ball, proprioceptive techniques while at the same time participating in strengthening activities and dynamic functional activities. By the end of Jeans’s stay at The Grand Pavilion she was participating in a floor ambulation of 100ft on a daily basis and all of her goals had been met!

Jean made excellent strides in her recovery, healing to her prior level of functioning as a result of participating in skilled PT and OT interventions. Jean was now able to ambulate distances of 100 feet with contact guard assistance. Evaluated and accepted, Jean was discharge to an assisted living community in the area. Leaving The Grand Pavilion for Jean was a bittersweet moment. Ms. Jean is extremely appreciative and emotional for all the care she received from the Grand Pavilion team, but at the same time, is sad to have to say goodbye. Jean will forever be part of The Grand Pavilion family, we will miss her tremendous presence in the community!