Case Study: The Grand Pavilion for Rehabilitation & Nursing (September 2017)

Patients Age: 83
Admission Date: 5/9/17
Discharge To: St. Joseph’s Hospital
Discharge Date: 8/17/2017
Length of Stay: 100 Days
Reason for Stay: Bilateral malleolus fractures, syncope collapse and generalized muscle weakness.
How did patient hear about the Grand Pavilion?: Marketing Team

Details of Experience:

Ms. Margaret Burke was admitted to The Grand Pavilion from St. Joseph’s Hospital on May 9th, 2017. Ms. Burke had experienced a fall and had a diagnosis of bilateral malleolus fractures. Upon arrival to the Grand Pavilion, Ms. Burke and her family were greeted by the nursing, concierge, rehabilitation, dietary, and social work departments.

The interdisciplinary team at The Grand Pavilion were excited to get to know Ms. Burke on a personal level. Margaret was an extremely pleasant and enthusiastic person and although she arrived to the community in need of support for her fractured ankles, she was very optimistic that she would recover and return home. Margaret arrived with a strong agenda to retain the stamina in accomplishing her goal to begin walking again, allowing her to return home safely.

Ms. Burke was experiencing a decrease in strength, poor balance, difficulty performing bed mobility and transfers and her bilateral fractures were preventing her from completing standing activities as well as reducing her functional activity tolerance. For her activities of daily living, she required max assistance. For bed transfers she required a Hoyer lift with the assistance of two staff members. The goal of Occupational Therapy was to increase functional activity tolerance, increase safety awareness, facilitate sitting tolerance and posture control as well as working on developing compensatory strategies. It was the goal of Physical Therapy to enhance functional abilities, facilitate increased independence with ambulation/stair negotiation, to increase lower extremities range of motion, thus minimizing falls.

Margaret always had company from both her family and friends. Her room was full of life, but even with the endless company she would always make time to attend Catholic Services every Wednesday. She would also attend several musical programs offered by recreation, and even attended the “Motown Madness Community Event” hosted by The Grand Pavilion!

Mr. Burke made slow and steady progress during her time spent in skilled rehabilitation sessions. Margaret initially required max assistance of two persons to complete all functional transfers and was unable to participate in ambulation tasks. Margaret participated in therapeutic graded exercises, bicep and tricep curls, exercises with gymnastic ball, proprioceptive techniques while at the same time participating in strengthening activities and dynamic functional activities. By the end of Margaret’s stay at The Grand Pavilion, she was participating in a floor ambulation of 100 feet on a daily basis and all of her goals had been met.

Margaret progressed with both physical and occupational therapy to the point where she was able to safely return to her prior living environment. As Mark Groundland, Director of Concierge Services, met with Margaret upon discharge, she shared that she was extremely satisfied with her stay. When asked on a scale from one to ten how satisfied she was with her stay at The Grand Pavilion, she responded with an immediate “10!” She was full of emotion and appreciation for all the amazing care that she received and she was looking forward to taking the next step forward. The Grand Pavilion team was honored to support Ms. Burke with the best experience possible.