Case Study: The Grand Pavilion for Rehabilitation & Nursing in Rockville Centre (Q2 2023)

Concierge Name: Manny Linares
Patient Name: Willanetta Harris
Patient Age: 59 years
Admission Date: 6/29/2020
Admitted From: Mount Sinai
Discharge Date: Anticipated Discharge date of 9/2023
Discharged To: Anticipated discharge Home
Length of Stay: 3 years
How did this patient hear about The Grand Pavilion? Ms. Harris’ sister is a Social Worker and The Grand Pavilion was recommended to her

Details of Experience:

Ms. Harris is a vibrant 59-year-old who was at a Bible Study group when she suddenly fainted. Her friends noticed an immediate change in her face. She had just suffered a massive stroke. They rushed her to a local hospital, Bronx Lebanon on Mt. Eden Ave, but once she arrived, she was re -directed to Mount Sinai on 98th and Madison Ave. in Manhattan. They got her there on time and she is extremely grateful to Dr. Tomoyoshi Shigematsu and Christ, her Lord, for saving her life.

When she arrived here at The Grand Pavilion for Rehab and Nursing on June 29, 2020 (she celebrates her 3rd year at GP), she was unconscious and stayed there for a while. The first thing she remembered was being assessed by the speech therapist and unable to communicate verbally. When she first began to speak, she recalled a conversation about her weight and how her unhealthy lifestyle of undereating may have led to this event. Arriving during the height of the pandemic added another layer of complexity to her healing process; she didn’t believe she would ever walk again. She asked Debbie, her first physical therapist aide, “Whatever made you think I would walk again?” to which Debbie replied, “You never fought against us, you never gave excuses, and you never complained.”

Ms. Harris progressed very slowly, but given the event that brought her here, any progress was a huge success. She began participating with the Therapeutic Recreation team and began healing in another portion of her life, her soul. By daily reading her Bible, journaling, and connecting with other residents, Ms. Harris began seeing a change in her condition. She even joined the Resident Council to speak for herself and advocate for the other residents at GP. Around one and a half years into her rehab, she began to see a change in her mindset about her progress, and hope began to settle in. Ms. Harris grew determined to walk and leaned on Debbie and her new GP family for support.

When her concierge, Manny Linares, met her in November of 2022, Ms. Harris was on a Floor Ambulation Plan and walking with assistance in the GP halls. As the months progressed, she relied less and less on help and now ambulates alone, safely, every day with the help of a walker and her FAO braces. She has become a beacon of inspiration to her friends and the GP team. Ms. Harris expects to be discharged in the next coming weeks and is excited about the next chapter in her life. She is an example of determination and spirit, and we are so proud of all that she has accomplished here. We share in her joy and hope for continued success in her health.

Our Social Services team is working with her to ensure she has everything she needs before being safely discharged home with her fiancé, and we will walk with her through every step of the process.