Case Study: The Grand Pavilion for Rehabilitation & Nursing in Rockville Centre (Q1 2023)

Director of Concierge: Jordan Soban, LNHA
Patient age: 60 years
Admission date: 04/01/2022
Admitted from: Mount Sinai South Nassau
Discharge Date: 03/30/2023
Length of stay: 363 days
How did this patient hear about The Grand Pavilion? Hospital Social Worker Reason for stay: Post-operative care following a right tibial fracture

Details of Experience:

Ms. Debra S. is a spirited 60-year-old woman who was first admitted to The Grand Pavilion for Rehabilitation and Nursing in April of 2022. Ms. Debra had suffered a right tibial fracture that required an external fixator, and when she needed to select a rehab center to recuperate after her surgery, she selected The Grand Pavilion.

Immediately after arrival at The Grand Pavilion, the concierge, Jordan, welcomed Debra. The staff gave her a warm welcome. Upon admission, Debra required physical therapy to improve her balance, endurance, mobility, and strength. She required occupational therapy assistance with many activities of daily living, such as dressing and personal grooming. One of her main goals for her stay here was to regain enough health and strength to be able to undergo knee replacement surgery on her left knee.

Debra actively participated in the recreation department’s activities, participating in everything from movie hours and musical entertainment to painting classes. She was a regular at afternoon manicures.
Debra worked tirelessly at therapy throughout her stay here, with the goal of regaining enough health and function to be able to undergo knee replacement surgery on the opposite leg. In January of 2023, she was able to undergo the surgery. Following the successful procedure, she returned to The Grand Pavilion for another six weeks of therapy.

Debra progressed quickly, soon walking independently with a walker. At the end of March, nearly a full year here at The Grand Pavilion, due to her tireless hard work, the staff at The Grand Pavilion determined that Debra would be able to safely return to the community.

The social work department at The Grand Pavilion arranged for Debra to return home with her husband. Upon discharge, Debra remarked that she was excited to see her son, his puppies, and his new swimming pool.

We wish her a happy and healthy remainder of 2023!