Case Study: The Grand Pavilion for Rehabilitation & Nursing (January 2021)

Patient’s Age: 61 years old
Admission Date: 12/04/20
Admitted From: St. Joseph’s Hospital
Discharge Date: 02/12/21
Discharge to: Home
Length-of-stay: 70 days
Reason for Stay: Diabetic Foot Ulcer
How did this patient hear about The Grand Pavilion: Grand Pavilion was his first pick since he has been here with us back in August of 2020.

Details of Experience:
Mr. Bilek was admitted to St. Joseph’s Hospital on November 30th due to a diabetic foot ulcer (serious bacterial skin infection). He was then admitted to The Grand Pavilion on December 4th. Upon his arrival to the Grand Pavilion, Mr. Bilek was welcomed and made comfortable by members of the team including Concierge, Nursing, Rehab, and Social Work. This was not his first stay at The Grand Pavilion, and he was delighted to come back to get better and stronger and be able to return home safely. The patient was greeted and evaluated by our dedicated therapy team, who determined that Mrs. Bilek was in the need of intense physical and occupational therapy. Due to his current status, the patient had decreased performance with ADLs (activities of daily living).

It was the staff’s pleasure to work alongside this determined, self-motivated patient, who strove to reach his goals. As he worked very hard to reach his goals, it was to no one’s surprise that he was enjoying great progress. After a short period of time working consistently with his therapists, he was able to ambulate independently. Even during his time on the Covid unit, he was not the type of guy to give up. On the contrary, he worked even harder and harder to reach his goals to be able to return to his family who was rooting for him.

Mr. Bilek very much appreciated all the staff that cared for him and rated the community 10/10 and recommended us to a friend of his that he works out with at a local gym. Mr. Bilek thanked his Rehab therapists, Mike, Flora, Melvin, Marvin, and Katelyn (the January Employee of the month) for always taking care of his needs and assisting him with building him up by strengthening his arms and legs. Mrs. Bilek stated that “Everybody has been very responsive!” The Grand Pavilion is delighted that he is returning home safely to his loving family.

The Grand Pavilion team sends well wishes and continued health prayers for Mr. Bilek.