Case Study: The Grand Pavilion for Rehabilitation & Nursing (July 2019)

Patient’s Age: 76-years-old
Admission Date: 06/05/19
Admitted From: Mercy Medical Center
Discharge Date: 07/26/19
Discharge To: Assisted living facility (Atria Tanglewood)
Length of Stay: 52 Days
Reason for Stay: Mrs. Nahum has been a resident of GP in the past.

Details of Experience:
Mrs. Nahum was admitted to Mercy Medical Center due to a bacteremia infection (bloodstream infection), staph infection, generalized muscle weakness, and difficulty walking. She then readmitted to The Grand Pavilion Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on 6/5/19 for continued care, therapy and strength building. Upon her admission to The Grand Pavilion, Mrs. Nahum was greeted, assessed and made comfortable by the clinical team to include the nurses, therapists, dietician, social worker, and Concierge; who were all welcoming and supportive in ensuring that her grand entrance was just as grand as the name and experience!

Mrs. Nahum entered The Grand Pavilion with the goal of starting rehabilitation and continuing her journey to return safely back to her ALF (Assisted Living Facility). During Mrs. Nahum’s reevaluation into the community, she was quick to detail her goals of returning to her full independency and back home to her ALF. She presented to the community as a fall risk due to her decreased muscle strength, inability to successfully complete ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) functioning without assistance, reduced static and dynamic balance. The therapy team developed a care plan goal that targeted working on fall prevention to improve ADL activity functioning, lower and upper extremity exercises, improve heel stride, stepping, standing, balance and overall mobility. Mrs. Nahum worked extremely tirelessly and hard to conquer these goals and surprising aced the test!

Within a matter of weeks, and with Mrs. Nahum’s continued determination and positivity, it is with honor to announce that she made noteworthy improvements and gained significant strength and approval to discharge on 7/26/19 home safely to her ALF. She discharged providing feedback that she had a joyful stay and could not thank The Grand Pavilion Staff enough for their motivation, care and continued support. She mentioned that this journey inspired her and made her stronger. The Grand Pavilion staff sends well wishes and continued health prayers for Mrs. Nahum and is proud of the goals that she reached and conquered.