Case Study: The Grand Pavilion for Rehabilitation & Nursing (June 2018)

Patients Age: 71
Admission Date: 6/4/2018
Discharge To: South Nassau Communities Hospital
Discharge Date: 7/5/2018
Length of Stay:
Reason for Stay: Hypertension, fracture of right femur, generalized weakness and difficulty in walking.
How did patient hear about the Grand Pavilion?:

Details of Experience:

Mr. Richard Dunne was admitted to The Grand Pavilion from South Nassau Community Hospital on June 6th, 2018. Mr. Dunne was experiencing a diagnosis of hypertension, fracture of the right femur, generalized weakness, and difficulty in walking. Upon arrival to The Grand Pavilion, Mr. Dunne and his family were greeted by both the nursing team and our concierge, Mark. He then went on to meet with our rehabilitation team, dietician, and social worker. The entire team was excited to get to personally know Richard. He is an extremely pleasant and enthusiastic person and has a great sense of humor. Although he was not in the best shape and was dealing with the reality of a fractured right femur, he was optimistic that he would recover and return home!

Upon admission to The Grand Pavilion, Mr. Dunne presented with pain in his right hip when he would move it, weakness especially in lower extremities and poor standing balance. He was having a difficult time performing bed mobility, transfers, and ambulation. The rehabilitation team initially evaluated Mr. Dunne and felt he required skilled rehabilitation services to evaluate how much assistance he would need from assistive devices. They also assessed his functional abilities in regards to promotion of safety awareness, improvement in his dynamic balance, increase in functional activity tolerance, and increase in range of motion in his lower extremities. Richard’s overall goal for the rehabilitation team was to enhance his quality of life and allow for him to safely return home to his private residency. Mr. Dunne was in need for max assistance with his activities of daily living (ADL’s). Richard was driven to work with the physical and occupational therapists to maximize his rehabilitation potential and return to his prior functional level of living.

Mr. Richard Dunne was an extremely pleasant and friendly person. He was extremely kind to all Grand Pavilion team members and to all of his fellow residents. Richard would always enjoy going out and spending time on our beautiful back patio, he would sit and peacefully and read his paper. Richard was also very impressed by the variety of therapeutic recreational activities that were offered at our community. Richard was always visited by his devoted children and his son, who would always make sure to bring him the morning paper; his room was always full of life! In the past, Richard enjoyed hobbies like that of golfing. He would often share his fond golfing memories from back in the day.

The physical therapists worked with Richard and provided him with therapeutic resistance exercises, gate training, advanced therapeutic training, and balance protocols. Mr. Dunne practiced stair training and functional endurance exercises using our cardiopulmonary machines such as the Omni Cycle and Nu Step. Our occupational therapists would work alongside Richard on upper and lower body strengthening activities by using Thera bands, weighted bars, and dumbbells. They also worked on activities to return home such as upper and lower body dressings, toileting transfers and bed mobility. By the end of Richards’s stay at The Grand Pavilion he was able to ambulate up to 250 ft with supervision with a walker on a daily basis.

Richard progressed with both physical and occupational therapy to the point where he was able to safely return to his home. When our concierge followed up with Richard closer to his discharge date, he shared that he was extremely satisfied with his stay and was so appreciative to the nurses and therapists that tended to his immediate care. He was extremely appreciative to the whole Grand Pavilion team for looking after him and caring for his every need. In the words of Mr. Dunne, “If I ever needed anything, they got it done and if I had a question, they always gave me the right answer.”

The Grand Pavilion team was honored to have a hand in giving Mr. Dunne the best experience possible.