Case Study: The Grand Pavilion for Rehabilitation & Nursing (March 2021)

Physical and Occupational Therapy for Elbow and Knee Fracture

Director Concierge: David Hersko
Patient: M. Roberts
Patients Age: 92 years old
Admission Date: 02/23/21
Admitted From: North Shore University hospital
Discharge Date: 03/19/21
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 24 days
Reason for Stay: Left elbow fracture, left knee fracture due to fall.
How did this patient hear about The Grand Pavilion for Rehabilitation & Nursing at Rockville Centre? Mrs. Roberts’ son researched and concluded that it would be best for mom to come to The Grand Pavilion.

Details of Experience: Due to a fall, Mrs. Roberts was admitted to The Grand Pavilion on February 23rd for rehabilitation. Mrs. Roberts stated that she was getting out of the shower at home and slipped on the bathroom mat, falling on her elbow. She crawled to press the life alert device, and EMT services arrived within 15 minutes. Upon her arrival at The Grand Pavilion, Mrs. Roberts was welcomed and made comfortable by team members, including Concierge, Nursing, Rehabilitation, and Social Work.

After being greeted and evaluated, the team determined that Mrs. Roberts required intense physical and occupational therapy. Due to her fall, she fractured her left elbow and left knee and had decreased performance with ADLs (activities of daily living.) It was the staff’s pleasure to work alongside this determined patient, who strived to reach her goals. As she worked very hard to achieve those goals, it was to no one’s surprise that she was able to ambulate 150 feet up and down the hallway twice a day, independently.

Mrs. Roberts appreciated all the staff that cared for her during her stay. When asked during her Concierge evaluation about her experience at The Grand Pavilion, she stated, “They are very nice. The therapy is wonderful. I worked with Katelyn and Cornelia, and I couldn’t ask for anything better. They are terrific therapists. A special shoutout to my nurse’s aides, Bibi, Sharon, and Priya”. The Grand Pavilion is delighted that she returned home safely to her family on March 19th of 2021.

The Grand Pavilion team sends well wishes and continued health prayers for Mrs. Roberts and is proud of the challenges she conquered and the goals she reached.