Case Study: The Grand Pavilion for Rehabilitation & Nursing (May 2016)

Patients Age: 82
Admission Date: 9/17/16
Admitted From: Mercy Medical Center
Discharge Date:
Discharged To:
Length of Stay: 258 Days
Reason for Stay: Fall
How did this patient hear about the Grand Pavilion? I was here before

Details of Experience:

The resident was admitted to The Grand Pavilion on September 17, 2015.

“Prior to The Grand Pavilion, life was normal until I had a terrible fall that left my shoulder incapacitated and had difficulties walking. My stay at The Grand Pavilion is interesting; the people who helped me really wanted to help me and care for me. When I first came I had difficulties walking, now I am walking with a walker, enjoying the outdoor walks and I am even dancing and singing which I love to do. The rehab is amazing and I am on my way to being totally healed. The Grand Pavilion helped me out a tremendous amount; I couldn’t have done it without them and of course I would recommend it to others.”