Case Study: The Grand Pavilion for Rehabilitation & Nursing (May 2018)

Patients Age: 82
Admission Date: 2/5/2018
Discharge To: South Nassau Communities Hospital
Discharge Date: 6/6/2018
Length of Stay:
Reason for Stay: Suffered from multiple fractures due to motor vehicle accident.
How did patient hear about the Grand Pavilion?:

Details of Experience:

Ms. Taromina was admitted to The Grand Pavilion from South Nassau Communities Hospital on February 5th, 2018. Ms. Taromina had a diagnosis of a fractured right lower leg, fractured right patella, and fractured sternum. Linda lives right around the corner from The Grand Pavilion and knew many friends who received excellent care with us. When the time came that Linda was in need for rehabilitation, she was very well aware that The Grand Pavilion was the best place to find it. Upon admission, our director of concierge was there to welcome Linda into The Grand Pavilion community, and she then followed to meet our nursing team, rehabilitation team, dietary team, and social work team. Ms. Taromina was delighted with her first impression at the community.

Ms. Taromina worked very hard for a real estate office for 20 years and carried the full-time job of raising her two beautiful children. She takes tremendous pride in her son and daughter and all of her beautiful grandchildren. She is known to be one of the kindest women some will ever meet!

Ms. Taromina unfortunately was involved in a severe car accident and suffered multiple fractures. Linda arrived to the community in great need of rehabilitation. Although her world had been turned over due to the accident, she was determined to get better and walk again. In the words of Linda, “Although my world was turned over, the care here at the Grand Pavilion is what gave me hope to carry on and get stronger.” Ms. Taromina enjoys reading and enjoyed attending the musical concerts hosted by our amazing recreation team.

Linda could not be more appreciative of the nursing care she received, she found all of the nurses to be warm, kind, and helpful. Linda needed the extra assistance of a Hoyer lift when transferring in and out of bed. At first, she was scared of this new process, but the nurses would hold her hand and walk her through her new dependencies. In the words of Ms. Torimino, “The Nurses never showed me an ounce of stress or complaint, they were just always there for me.” Prior to being admitted to the hospital, Linda was living in an apartment with an elevator and she was 100% independent with her activities of daily living.

Ms. Taromina initially came into our community after a motor vehicle accident and required a significant amount of help with ADLs and functional mobility. Mrs. Taromina was independent with all functional mobility and ADL prior to the accident. Following the accident, she was non-weight bearing to bilateral lower extremity and required a Hoyer lift for transfers. She was in pain and limited in her knee and ankle mobility due to the multiple fractures she sustained in her legs. Through weeks of physical and occupational therapy, Ms. Taromina has made significant improvement with all her ADLs and mobility. She is currently ambulating up to 200 ft with a rolling walker and stand-by assistance. She is able to participate in her activities of daily living such as lower body dressing and with toileting, whereas in the beginning of her stay, she would require total assistance with toileting and dressing.

Ms. Taromina had made tremendous progress during her time spent in skilled rehabilitation intervention. On a daily basis, Linda participated in therapeutic exercises and activities to facilitate increased ambulation and functional endurance with both upper and lower extremities. Linda progressed with both PT and OT to the point where she is being discharged safely to her original residency. When our director of concierge met with

Ms. Taromino closer to her scheduled discharge date, she was full of joy and could not stop thanking all of The Grand Pavilion staff members, the nursing team, the rehabilitation team, and everyone who was a part of her determined journey to get stronger and return home safely. She was extremely appreciative to her daughter who pushed her to stay determined and helped her carry on throughout the journey. The Grand Pavilion team is delighted to provide Ms. Taromina with a safe transition back home.