Case Study: The Grand Pavilion for Rehabilitation & Nursing (May 2020)

Patient’s Name: Desmond J.
Patient’s Age: 79-years-old
Admission Date: 12/25/19
Admitted From: Mount Sinai South Nassau
Discharge Date: 01/29/20
Length-of-stay: 36 days
Reason for Stay: Diagnosis of COVID-19 related Pneumonia

Details of Experience:
Desmond J. was admitted to The Grand Pavilion on April 23, 2020, with a diagnosis of COVID-19 related Pneumonia. Upon arrival at The Grand Pavilion, Mr. J. was welcomed and made comfortable by members of our interdisciplinary clinical team including Concierge, Nursing, Rehabilitation, and Social Work.

He was greeted and evaluated by our dedicated therapy team where it was determined that Mr. J. was in the need of intense physical and occupational therapy. He displayed decreased performance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL), was not able to ambulate safely, and had decreased muscle strength. The rehabilitation team developed a treatment plan which would allow Mr. J. to reach his goal of returning home.

The team shared that Mr. J. was a determined, self-motivated patient, who strived to reach his goals quickly. While his first few days were focused on respiratory recovery, the team began to introduce modalities that would allow Mr. J. to recover while beginning to build muscle strength. He demonstrated great progress and was able to ambulate independently in short order while maintaining good standing balance.

Mr. J. always had something positive to share and showed great appreciation for the dedicated staff. Mr. J. stated “I am fortunate to have Kate as my therapist. She is a people person…She treated me as her own.” Mr. J. very much appreciated all the staff that cared for him and was very pleased with his stay. On May 20th, he walked out independently with our staff celebrating his discharge, reuniting with his family. The Grand Pavilion staff sends well wishes to Mr. J. and is proud to be a part of his journey to recovery.